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Madero, B., Sodoma, M., Oehler, C., Magnotta, V.A., Long, J.D., Hazeltine, E., Voss, M.W. (in review). Global functional connectivity of cognitive control network predicts task-switching performance in older adults. Preprint: 

Cardenas, A.R., Ramirez-Villegas, J.F., Kovach, C.K., Gander., P.E., †Cole, R.C., Grossbach, A.J., Kawasaki, H., Greenlee, J.D.W., Howard III, M.A., Nourski, K.V., Banks, M.I., Voss, M.W. (in review) Exercise modulates human hippocampal-cortical ripple dynamics. Preprint:

Voss, M. W., Oehler, C., Daniels, W., Sodoma, M., Madero, B., Kent, J., Jain, S., Jung, M., Nuckols, V.R, Dubose, L.E., Davis, K., O’Deen, A., Hamilton, C., Baller, K., Springer, J., Rivera-Dompenciel, A., Pipoly, M., Muellerleile, M., Nagarajan, N., Bjarnason, T., Harb, N., Lin, L., Magnotta, V.A., Hazeltine, E., Long, J.D., Pierce, G.P. (in review). Exercise Effects on Brain Health and Learning from Minutes to Months: the Brain EXTEND trial. Supplemental materials, papers, and associated shared data and code will be available in the project’s OSF repository (

Jain, S., Baller, K., Springer, J., Madero, B., Sodoma, M., Oehler, C., Daniels, W., Armstrong, M.K., Gimblet, C.J., Nuckols, V.R., Muellerleile, M., Nagarajan, N., Bjarnason, T., Harb, N., Long, J., Magnotta, V, Pierce, G.P., Voss, M.W. (in review). Cognitive Aging and Cerebrovascular Health: Role of White Matter Lesions and Cardiorespiratory Fitness. Preprint:  

Key Reviews

Voss, M.W., Jain, S.J. (2022). Getting fit to counteract cognitive aging: evidence and future directions. Physiology, 37(4), 197-206. PDF Supplementals

Loprinzi, P.D, Roig, M., Etnier, J.L., Tomporowski, P.D., Voss, M.W. (2021). Acute and Chronic Exercise Effects on Human Memory: What We Know and Where to Go From Here. Journal of Clinical Medicine. 10.21, 4812. PDF

Voss, M.W., Soto, C., Yoo, S., Sodoma, M., Vivar, C., van Praag, H. (2019). Exercise and hippocampal memory systems. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 23(4), 318-333.  PDF Supplementals

Voss, M.W., Carr, L.J., Clark, R., Weng, T.B. (2014). Revenge of the "sit" II: Does lifestyle impact neuronal and cognitive health through distinct mechanisms associated with sedentary behavior and physical activity. Mental Health and Physical Activity, 7(1), 9-24. PDF 

Voss, M.W., Vivar, C., Kramer, A.F., van Praag, H. (2013) Bridging animal and human models of exercise-induced brain plasticity. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 17(10), 525-544. PDF

Book Chapters (selected)

Clark, R., Wendel, C., & Voss, M. W. (2017). Physical Activity and Cognitive Training: Impact on Hippocampal Structure and Function. In The Hippocampus from Cells to Systems (pp. 209-243). Springer International Publishing. Chicago. Edited by Drs Debbie Hannula and Melissa Duff. PDF